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Harmonic Edge provides a Short Term futures trading service that follows four markets: the S&P 500 emini contract, the Euro futures contract, the 10 year note and Gold. These are trade setups lasting a few hours to a few days. We also offer an Intermediate Term ETF trade service with trades lasting a few weeks to a few months. Our Mentorship Program gets you on the fast track to success.

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When you subscribe to Harmonic Edge, you’ll have the opportunity to learn methods and techniques that can help you be consistently profitable in your trading. Additionally, you will learn how to identify trend, anticipate where trends are likely to change and profit from corrections to the trend. 

We will demonstrate how to study the markets, build a trading plan and then execute that plan consistently. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme, but is rewarding for those who approach it seriously and treat it like a business. The Short Term patterns we trade involve a small amount of clearly defined risk and have very little “draw down”. We teach traders how to trade profitably. Pattern recognition trading works – published studies by Dr. Andrew Lo of MIT confirm it – and we’ll show you how its done. Invest in your education and get the Harmonic Edge.