Harmonic Edge and Dynamic Trader - A winning combination

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Over the past two decades, we have had the privilege of working closely with Robert Miner and Dynamic Trader. It's our first choice for fast and accurate harmonic analysis of price, pattern, time and momentum. We are proud to feature the Dynamic Trader software in all of our trading reports, and encourage you to check out this remarkable product.

DT's Unique Time and Price Trend Reversal Target Zones

No other trading program will prepare you in advance for trend reversal target zones for any market and any time frame like DT. Only Dynamic Trader includes the proprietary Dynamic Time Projection trend reversal targets and End Of Wave price target zones. You will be prepared in advance for time and price trend reversal targets to adjust stops very close to the market and prepare for a trend reversal. How valuable do you think this unique information will be for your practical trade strategies?

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DT's Proprietary One-Click Wave Bands and DT Oscillator

DT's proprietary oscillator  beats any other momentum indicator to alert the trader to a momentum and price reversal as it happens. The One-Click Time/Price Wave Band targets can be made an alert to warn the user any market and any time frame is in a position to complete a trend or corrective pattern.

After-the-fact analysis is useless to a trader. No other trading program provides the unique features and routines that are included in Dynamic Trader; the features that identify trend targets and reversal zones in advance. How valuable to your trading would it be to be prepared for the probable trend and rever- sal targets in advance for any market and any time frame whether you are a day, swing or position trader?

Trade Strategies For Any Market and Any Time Frame

The DT trading software provides a unique complement of routines and features for time, price, pattern and momentum analysis. Most not found in any other software.
Order your copy of DT today and receive a special bonus

Save on Dynamic Trader Software and Educational Material

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