Affiliate Marketing Program

Referring visitors to your web site to Harmonic Edge is a fast and easy way to generate additional revenue. Simply place a link on your site or newsletter and we handle the tracking, collect the funds and issue you a referral fee.

How Much Money Can You Make?

When customers you refer place an order, you will receive a referral fee equal to 20% of all revenue received. This payment will continue as long as they remain a customer of Harmonic Edge.  Additionally, you will receive a ledger showing all leads referred along with payment by the 15th of each month you have referred customers who have purchased Harmonic Edge services.

How Can You Be Sure You Receive Credit For Referrals?

When you register as a marketing affiliate, you select a 6 - 8 character long promotional code that will identify you as the referring party. How can you be sure the people you refer will use this code? Simple - the code will entitle them to a 10% discount. No code - no discount. It is a simple and proven system that we have had good success with.

Marketing Materials

The following promotional banners can be placed wherever you wish - just  remember that the more people who see them, the better chance of earning referral fees.

There are two ways to use these banners:

1. Save the images to a directory on your web site where you can call them up directly.
2. Simply call up the image from the directory where it currently resides - this link is shown directly below the image

Just remember to include an explanatory comment such as: "When registering use promotional code (your unique 6-8 character code) to receive a 10% discount." For example, your ad might look like this:
Use promotional code: xyz123 to save 10%

We can also create a custom advertising button that includes your promotional code as part of the actual image you wish to use:      

Registering as an Affiliate

Getting registered as an affiliate is fast and simple - QUICK REGISTRATION