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"Just minutes a week to meet your trading goals!"

With a focus on simplicity,  low risk and small drawdowns, the ETF Trade Service appeals to conservative investors and traders managing medium to longer term accounts. Do you fall into one of the following three categories?
  • You are a new trader with limited knowledge and time. You would like to learn the basics and gradually work your way into the trading business while still earning a decent return on your capital.
  • You are an active short term or day trader and you find yourself missing the larger moves in the market and would like to be able to catch them without drawing your attention away from your other short term trading activities.
  • You are a long term trader or investor. You don't have a big appetite for risk and you don't want to trade every day or sit in front of your computer and monitor the market. You may or may not be interested in the technical analysis but you want diversification across equities, bonds and Gold with solid growth and protection from inflation and bear markets that can inflict serious losses on your hard earned savings. .
We will teach you everything you need to know
 in order to trade these signals in less than one hour -
guaranteed. After that, just a few minutes a week is
your total required commitment of time.

The Harmonic Edge Trade Service focuses on three markets, the S&P 500, U.S Treasuries and Gold. Longer Term position in the S&P 500 are followed in the ETF symbol SPY and shorter term positions are followed in the ProShares 2x leveraged ETF's, SSO and SDS. ProShares Ultra S&P 500  (ETFs or exchange traded funds and trade just  like stocks). U.S Treasuries are followed in the ETF symbol TLT and Gold is followed in the ETF symbol GLD.

The S&P 500 is an index of 500 large cap actively
 traded stocks and is considered a "bellwether" for the
economy and a leading economic indicator.

The system has both a long term trend following component for the S&P 500 as well as a separate medium or intermediate term trend component. This allows the system to participate in large moves that last for years as well as medium term moves that may last for only days or weeks. Long term moves are followed in ETF symbol SPY and smaller term trends are followed in the Proshares ETF's.

Sample Trades

Just as important is the ease of use and execution the system provides. Trade signals are delivered via email or directly to your cell phone if you are not in front of a computer. On many days you will simply receive an email that says: "No trade today". Just to let you know we are watching the market and no action on your part is necessary. Then approximately once or perhaps twice a week you will receive an email or text message with simple trade instructions. Here is a typical example:

Harmonic Edge

ETF Trade Service


To All Subscribers:  ACTION REQUIRED: Buy 1 lot of SSO at the market.

Its as simple as that. This is your opportunity to trade a proven system across multiple markets that is easy to follow and affordable at just $79.00 per month and this includes a weekly report showing system results and comprehensive technical analysis.

This is an excellent value to trade a proven system ranked among the 10 best trading systems available according to Timer's Digest:

 "Timing is not one of the important elements of
 successful investing; it is the most important factor.
There are good times and bad times to buy all
investments". J. Paul Getty - the richest man in the
world at the time of his death in 1976.

What Subscribers Are Saying
  • Thanks for all you are doing, you are really making a difference for me, very glad I found you. J.D
  • The instruction is very good and done professionally…I believe the methodology you use works well and makes sense to me…I think you folks are great. R.P.
  • First of all let me say thank you for offering a great service. Thank you again for all of your help. R.S.
  • I sincerely appreciate your timely updates.  I believe you offer one of the best services for trading the market. G.W.
  • Once again thank you very much for your friendship, and the information you have given me and thank you for a site that really works. R.G.
  • You have been one fantastic service provider. I feel so welcome which I don't think I can find anywhere else. Through our dealings so far, I must say you are sincere in not only looking after me but also trying your best in making sure I benefit from the service too.  It is rare to find someone like you who shows concern for a new subscriber with personal note. L.K.S.

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